About Us

•    Energy Efficient Machines.

•    Green & Environmental friendly Machines.

•    User friendly controls.

•    Prompt Service back up

•    Technically Qualified Service staff.

•    AMC or CAMC at affordable rates.

•    Staff training programs.

•    Can be operated by unskilled staff.

•    Driers consume low electricity.

•    High Nickel content Stainless Steel used.

•    Use only Genuine parts(Indian&Imported)

•    High Quality Branded Motors.

•    Bearings SKF Indian& Imported.


Bharati Laundry Washing Machines are the manufacturers of international quality laundry machines in India. With more than 40 years  experience in this field, we produce professional commercial washing machines with the highest quality standards for various sectors such as hospitals, hotels, laundromats, residential schools,special schools,monasteries, gyms etc.

 "Bharati" is the leading supplier of industrial laundry machine for hospitals in Kerala, India. We have currently more than 700 installations with excellent track record. Most of the NABH quality accredited private hospitals  have opted to have Bharati commercial laundry machine.

Top resorts in Kerala, South Karnataka and Nilgiris areas are also happy customers of Bharati Laundry equipments.